Full transcription of Geneva 146

We have just uploaded a full transcription of the entire 590 pages of the Geneva 146 manuscript from e-Codices based on the collated user-transcriptions to the brandnew eScriptorium website. We have simply used collatEx to align the user transcriptions on a word level and chosen the most frequent proposal. We will now analyse the result in order to improve the crowdsourcing workflow and validate the transcription. Many thanks to the more than 200 transcribers for their awesome work and to the colleagues from the Swiss e-codices project for the gorgeous pictures!! All this will be presented at DH2019 in Utrecht. See you there!

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Daniel Stoekl Ben Ezra (2019, May 12). Full transcription of Geneva 146. Tikkoun Sofrim. Retrieved June 12, 2024, from https://doi.org/10.58079/urfx

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