Inauguration of Crowdsourcing Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of a project that combines automatic transcription of Medieval Hebrew manuscripts with the wisdom of the general public. After much work, our website opens today. Please check it out!

As of today and for 34 days of study in Deuteronomy in the Israeli 929 project, the public is invited to assist in the correction of the automatic transcriptions of manuscripts provided by kraken.

The use of the site is quite simple. In the center of the page is the workspace, with an image of the manuscript line and its automatic transcription to be corrected by you.
There are alsp some buttons with which you can mark special characters or special effects in the text.

On the right is a help area. Here you can see e.g. the entire page from which the line was taken and use it for displaying another part of the page. You can check hard letters against others, or you can read detailed explanations of all the special phenomena – Special characters (such as the name of God) appear in it – and how to correct them.

Your feedback is very important to us! Comment below or write to us at or consult the Eliahu Lab’s Facebook page, where he has a special post for consultations and training.

More updates – Coming soon …


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