Tikkoun Sofrim is a joint French Israeli project aimed at making Medieval Hebrew manuscripts openly and freely available as texts.The project is combining automatic Handwritten Text-Recognition (HTR) and Crowdsourcing.

In the first stage we analyse the manuscript layout and train Kraken, a deep learning engine for automatic reading. Kraken is transcribing quite well, with an error rate of less than 10% and often even less than 5% at the letter level.

However this is not quite good enough.

In order to further improve Kraken’s automatic reading and provide accurate editions of the texts, we need the human eye. The tool in this website is aimed at achieving this goal.

At this website you can help us by checking the automatic reading and correcting mistakes. In the next stage your corrections will be used for improving the automatic reading as well as creating digital critical editions and enabling textual search of manuscripts in library viewers.

Tikkoun Sofrim is a joined French-Israeli project, developed by the EPHE, PSL, in Paris, the eLijah-Lab at the University of Haifa and the National Library, Israel. The project is supported by the Maimonides grant funded by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Ministry of Science. eLijah-Lab is supported by Hekhal Eliyahu NGO.

For questions, suggestions or any other remark, feel free to contact us

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